No Cost Treatment
is Now Available

Counseling for gambling problems at no cost to Maryland residents is now available for anyone seeking help regardless of insurance coverage, financial status, or ability to pay. Funding through the Problem Gambling Fund managed by the Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration supports this effort to remove the barriers to treatment for anyone with a gambling disorder. You can receive help for a gambling problem without adding any additional financial burden to your life.

The Lottery

Gambling on the lottery is the most common form of gambling in the United States. Buying lottery tickets is a form of entertainment that involves high risk gambling. Research has shown that people with a more limited income are more likely to buy lottery tickets. Remember to play responsibly and do not use playing the Lottery as a means to improve your financial situation. Always set limits and stay within your budget. Do not use money you need to buy food, pay rent or require for other necessities on any form of gambling. Keep all types of gambling activity fun and problem free.

What is Gambling?

Gambling is any activity that involves risking something of value when the outcome is uncertain.

Gambling is taking the chance of losing money or belongings when winning or losing is decided mostly by chance. For most people gambling is a form of entertainment. Many do not realize that gambling may pose the same risk as alcohol and other drugs for becoming an addiction. A gambling addiction can have the same devastating consequences as alcohol and drug addictions, destroying families, finances, careers and lives. As more gambling opportunities become available in Baltimore, it is important that the public is informed about not only the benefits of gambling, but also the potential addictive risks.