+ Everyone rich, poor, young, old, men and women can be AT RISK.

+ Living close to a casino may increase your risk of becoming a problem gambler.

+ Problem gamblers are more at risk for developing other addictions, such as drugs or alcohol.

+ Gamblers don't feel "addicted". They may not realize they have a problem.

+ Anyone who gambles can develop a gambling problem if they are not aware of the risks.

+ Gambling has the same effect on a problem gambler that alcohol has on an alcoholic.

+ Don't let gambling control your life.

The Baltimore City Awareness campaign, is a Baltimore community project, collaborating with local Baltimore citizens to help educate and promote general awareness about the potential negative effects of engaging in gambling and to give information about problem gambling, gambling recovery, and responsible gambling. The Baltimore Gambler Initiative uses real Baltimore people who have had real life experiences with problem gambling in all of our videos and promotional materials.