Family, Friends & Problem Gambling

If a family member or friend has ONE of these symptoms, they may be a problem gambler.

1. Does this person promise to stop gambling but then gamble again and again?

2. Does this person ever gamble more and more until the last dollar is gone?

3. Does this person immediately return to gambling to try to recover losses?

4. Does this person think they can gamble to solve financial problems?

5. Does this person believe that gambling will bring the family money to do special things?

6. Does this person borrow money to gamble with or to pay gambling debts?

7. Does the person lie to cover up or deny his or her gambling?

8. Has this person’s gambling ever made you think the family would be better without them?

Free - Confidential Problem Gambling Helpline
Call for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

The Baltimore City Awareness campaign, is a Baltimore community project, collaborating with local Baltimore citizens to help educate and promote general awareness about the potential negative effects of engaging in gambling and to give information about problem gambling, gambling recovery, and responsible gambling. The Baltimore Gambler Initiative uses real Baltimore people who have had real life experiences with problem gambling in all of our videos and promotional materials.