About the Baltimore Gambler Campaign

The Baltimore City Awareness campaign, is a Baltimore community project, collaborating with local Baltimore citizens to help educate and promote general awareness about the potential negative effects of engaging in gambling and to give information about problem gambling, gambling recovery, and responsible gambling. The Baltimore Gambler Initiative uses real Baltimore people who have had real life experiences with problem gambling in all of our videos and promotional materials.

Deborah G. Haskins Ph.D., LCPC, NCGC II

President, Maryland Council on Problem Gambling; Board of Directors, International Gambling Counselor Certification Board;
Assistant Professor/Director of Counseling Programs in the School of Education at Trinity Washington University.

Dr. Haskins is a Counselor Educator, a licensed clinical professional counselor, and previously served as Vice Chair and Chair of Credentials Committee for the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists in Maryland (2002-2010). Dr. Haskins provides clinical and consulting services nationally on cultural competency, gambling addiction recovery, and mental health topics, and publishes in the area of cultural diversity.

We thank Dr. Haskins for being the guiding light on the content and the approach to use for our Baltimore Public Awareness campaign on problem gambling.

Professor Shirley Dunlap

A very special thank you to Shirley for coordinating and helping to select participants for this campaign. Without her amazing talents and connections in the Baltimore community, we would not have been able to bring together this great group of people to talk about a very important message. Shirley is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Theatre Arts at Morgan State University, we were very fortunate to work with you Shirley!

Leslie Mallory & Lewis Neal

Two very vibrant personalities, Leslie & Lewis form ‘Dancing With Soul’, Baltimore’s very own Hand Dancing Champions. Leslie & Lewis have remained highly involved not only on the local Baltimore scale, but also on the national level competing in Broadway show openings, Master’s Tours, and have achieved the Black Diamond Award. This duo brought spirit, charisma, and life to our campaign by showing how you can still have a great time in life, meet new people, and stay active! Thank you Leslie & Lewis for sharing your stories with us!

Tony Roberts & Julielene Roberts

Tony and his mother Julielene brought us some very compelling testimony. Tony a graduate of Morgan State University in Performing Arts and wonderful playwright has remained highly active in the Baltimore community promoting awareness through theatre education! Additionally Tony has the sometimes dramatic job of driving a Baltimore county taxi, his stories brought another side to the current situation not only Baltimore but Maryland is facing right now. His mother Julielene continued to confirm these situations happening in Baltimore, believing that, “You only need to carry a certain amount of money, keep in mind if you’ve got bills to pay, otherwise you may end up in the street.”

Sammie Real III

A high school English teacher and a graduate of the Morgan State Theatre Arts program, helped to polish our campaign through his great on camera presence! Sammie delivered us with extremely valuable footage and some personal tips on how to approach gambling. Without the addition of Sammie, our videos would not have been complete!

Sharlene Clinton

A Morgan State theatre graduate, Sharlene was able to bring us honest answers and opinions on the current situation that is effecting our community. Her commentary and insight into these situations, was an incredible addition to our campaign for Baltimore. We wish Sharlene the best of luck as she continues to finish her Masters in Teaching and thank her for sharing her thoughts and personal safety tips.

Bythella Johnson

Mrs. Johnson’s stories are so very important to this campaign, her passion for wanting to help other people by sharing her story helped lift this campaign to a new level. After conquering her drug addiction, a short time later she became addicted to gambling. Her hopes are to let other people know that gambling can be an addiction, but that recovery is possible!

Dboi Da Dome, StarrZ, & Carter

Baltimore’s very own leaders in the Hip Hop and Rap scene helped us to create a captivating and strong lyrical instrument to educate the community of Baltimore about the potential dangers of gambling and gambling addiction. Without their lyrical prowess and strong understanding of their very own Baltimore community this incredible element would have never been possible! We were very fortunate to be able to work with these incredible people and share their talents with you!