Problem Gamblers are...

People who lie to cover up losses and how much they are gambling.
People who can get into serious financial trouble because of their gambling.
People who are unable to set limits. They continue gambling even after they can no longer afford to play.
People who continue to gamble in spite of losing more than they can afford.
People who may destroy their families and relationships because of their gambling.
Problem gamblers often lose their jobs because of gambling.
People who borrow or steal money from family, friends, or employers to keep on gambling.
People who may experience legal problems or risk incarceration because of their illegal activity to get money to gamble.
The Baltimore City Awareness campaign, is a Baltimore community project, collaborating with local Baltimore citizens to help educate and promote general awareness about the potential negative effects of engaging in gambling and to give information about problem gambling, gambling recovery, and responsible gambling. The Baltimore Gambler Initiative uses real Baltimore people who have had real life experiences with problem gambling in all of our videos and promotional materials.